infoviolation RedactedIf you have received a notice in the mail that vaguely looks like a traffic ticket and orders you to visit and pay a fine, you are not alone.  In 2012, Cobb County voted to allow a private Arizona company to install hundreds of cameras on school buses and to issue these civil citations to people accused of violating the school bus "Stop" sign. (Passing a school bus with the "Stop" sign activated.)  This company quickly got underway and now the citations are pouring in as people are getting blindsided with these notices a week or more later that claim they did something wrong and should pay money to Ohio because a company in Arizona says the drivers did something wrong in Georgia. 

The good news is that these cause no points to be added to your license and no information to be reported to your insurance.

The bad news is that they expect you to pay $300 - $1,000, up to 75% of which goes to a private company in Arizona, rather than Cobb County coffers.

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Assaulted grandmother had testified in Gwinnett case

Atlanta Journal-Constitution Staff Writer
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A Gwinnett County judge sentenced two teens to each serve back-to-back life sentences for home invasion robbery.

Gwinnett Chief Superior Court Judge Dawson Jackson said youth was not a shield for Darious Dean Emory, 18, and Tavarus Sanders, 16, in the terrorizing crime April12 against a two Lawrenceville grandparents.

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