By Andria Simmons
Atlanta Journal-Constitution Staff Writer
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Gwinnett County Magistrate Mark Layng dismissed a murder charge against a Loganville man after finding insufficient evidence he was involved in a drug rip-off that turned sour. 

Eric Comrie, 21, was released from the Gwinnett jail on Thursday evening, said his attorney John Steakley. At a probable cause hearing earlier that that day, Steakley argued that police had no proof that his client knew a drug deal was about to occur on December 24th when he gave his buddy, Robert Christopher Morales, 27, a ride to meet someone in a Grayson subdivision. Morales was fatally shot by two men who allegedly tried to steal a small amount of marijuana from him. NOTE: This is the one I was looking for to add to the other Eric Comrie articles that I sent earlier. I think I pretty thoroughly added comments in that email. So we should have: BUSKEY: Murder charge dismissed HAYES: Murder charge reduced COMRIE: Murder charge dismissed.