In every business large and small, there are those folks who are entrusted with keeping up with the income and expenses of the business. From time to time a moment of weakness causes people to dip into company funds for their own benefit. A small dip usually leads to more and larger dips until finally the missing funds are too big to overlook. When it all comes crashing down, the person is embarrassed, ashamed, unemployed and unemployable. On top of all of that, they could be facing prison time.

Under House Bill 1176, signed by Governor Deal in 2012, theft offenses of $25,000 or more can be sentence to prison for up to 20 years! That's significantly less than the sentences handed out for drug charges and equal to offenses like Aggravated Assault and Burglary. If facing such a charge, do not talk to the police at all and contact our law firm immediately.