Here are a few examples of the criminal cases and successes we have enjoyed over the years here at John A. Steakley, P.C.  These samples are drawn from only the cases Mr. Steakley has handled as a defense attorney, and do not include the thousands of cases he handled as a prosecutor in both Tennessee and Georgia.  Please keep in mind that all cases are different, so we can't promise similar outcomes in your case, but we would certainly hope to add your case to our growing list of victories.   

Georgia v. R.D.F

 Charges: Kidnapping for Ransom, Kidnapping, Armed Robbery, Terroristic Threats

Outcome: Entirely Acquitted by A Jury

Description: R.D.F. was accused in Gwinnett County of abducting the alleged victim outside a CVS in Gwinnett County, Georgia, and holding her for ransom in her automobile while they visited several locations in failed attempts to withdraw money from ATM's.  R.D.F. was arrested when he and the victim agreed to meet the victim's boyfriend at a prearranged location to exchange the victim for ransom money.  The police had been alerted and were waiting.  R.D.F. remained in custody for 23 months while awaiting trial.  Because of his criminal record, he faced life without parole if convicted on either Kidnapping for Ransom or Armed Robbery.  Nevertheless, he put his faith (and the rest of his life) in this law firm.   After a three-day trial where the victim, her boyfriend, his roommate, and several members of Gwinnett County Police Department testified for the prosecution, the jury found R.D.F. not guilty of all charges. 

 Georgia v. M.W. 

Charges:  Chop Shop

Outcome: Almost Entirely Acquitted By A Jury

Description: M.W. was accused of operating a motorcycle "chop shop" in Gwinnett County. He was indicted for several offenses and motorcycles and faced decades behind bars. The DA's Office wouldn't budge in plea negotiations, so we went to trial. Over the course of a 7-day trial, we were able to show the jury that most of the accusations were not supported by evidence.  M.W. was acquitted of almost all charges.   



Georgia v. S.B.B.

Charges: Murder

Outcome: Significantly Reduced Charges

Description: S.B.B. was visiting friends in Atlanta when a friend of a friend asked for a ride to a house in Gwinnett County to buy some marijuana. S.B. drove, sat in the car, and drove away after the purchase. She didn't realize that there had been a shooting in the house that would result in murder charges being brought against her as a "getaway driver." Through successful negotiation, Mr. Steakley helped S.B.B. avoid a life sentence in exchange for testimony and a few years in custody. She will be eligible for parole soon.


Georgia v. J.H.H.

Charges: Murder

Outcome: Significantly Reduced Charges

Description: J.H.H. was accused in Gwinnett County of the brutal beating death of a man suspected of having molested J.H.H.'s children. The victim was transported to a hospital, examined, and released. He later died. Through medical evidence and the use of a private defense medical examiner, Mr. Steakley was able to cast doubt on the proximate (legal) cause of death. This reasonable doubt as to the cause of death resulted in a successful plea negotiation to a significantly reduced charge, avoiding a potential life sentence.  J.H.H. was paroled in 2013.


Georgia v. B.W.

Charges: Rape

Outcome: All Charges Dismissed

Description: B.W. was accused in Gwinnett County of rape when a woman who lived in his apartment complex claimed to have been raped by a young black male. Even though she described her attacker as clean-shaven while B.W. had a goatee that day, police showed the "victim" a 3-year-old photo of B.W. and she "identified" him as her attacker. (We think she was identifying the only familiar face, since both she and B.W. lived in the same comlex.) B.W. was arrested and Mr. Steakley represented him. Using DNA, we were able to 100% exclude B.W. as the rapist. Nevertheless, B.W. ended up spending months of his life in jail for a crime he did not commit.


Georgia (and Alabama) v. M.F.

Charges: Theft

Outcome: All Charges Completely Dismissed

Description: M.F. was accused of shoplifting telephones from a  Wal-Mart in Gwinnett County along with some friends. Everyone was from Alabama. They made it back to Alabama where they were discovered with the telephones. Both Alabama and Gwinnett initiated cases against M.F. for the same telephones, a clear violation of the Double Jeopardy rule. Fortunately, M.F., aged 17, was a juvenile in Alabama but an adult in Georgia. Quickly resolving his Alabama case, we were able to prevent any proseuction in Georgia.  


Georgia v. M.B.

Charges: Drug Trafficking

Outcome: All Charges Completely Dismissed

Description: M.B. was accused by the DEA of meeting a drug courier from Mexico in Hall County and receiving 10 kilograms (22lbs) of cocaine. She was witnessed receiving a duffel bag of cocaine by DEA agents and taking it to her home. Because of technical irregularities in the resulting search warrant and some other issues that Mr. Steakley noticed and used to the client's advantage, all charges against M.B. were ultimately dismissed.  


Georgia v. C.M.

Charges: Aggravated Assault

Outcome: Acquitted By Jury

Description: C.M. was accused in Gwinnett County of attacking and stabbing his roommates. C.M., an undocumented immigrant from Central America claimed that the roommates had attacked him so they could get him arrested and move someone else into his room. In a 3-day trial, Mr. Steakley was demonstrate inconsistent testimony from the State's witnesses and show how the medical evidence indicated C.M. was acting defensively. C.M. was acquitted and deported.  


Georgia v. K.L.W.

Charges: Aggravated Kidnapping; Aggravated Assault

Outcome: Released in two weeks.

Description: K.L.W. was accused in Gwinnett County of attacking and beating a woman he met at a party. He maintained that she attacked him first and he defended himself before taking her back to the gathering. Because of his long history from his younger days, K.L.W. was facing Life Without Parole for Kidnapping with Bodily Injury. Trusting Mr. Steakley with the rest of his life, K.L.W. opted for a jury trial. The 4-day-long trial was conducted by Mr. Steakley, ended with K.L.W. being convicted only of a misdemeanor. He was sentenced to twelve months to serve, but had credit for 11.5 already, so he was released a few weeks later. In court, the trial judge called Mr. Steakley's closing argument to the jury one of the best she had ever heard.  


Georgia v. H.E.G.

Charges: Rape

Outcome: Not Guilty of Any Charges

Description: H.E.G. was accused in Gwinnett County of raping his adult granddaughter after subduing her with a pipe wrench. Initially, H.E.G. denied any sexual contact to the police. After DNA tests found his DNA in the alleged victim's cervix, H.E.G. admitted having a consensual affair with his granddaughter. Rape carries a 25-year minimum sentence, so H.E.G. was facing the rest of his life in prison. After a week-long trial conducted by Mr. Steakley, H.E.G. was found not guilty and released.


Georgia v. E.C.

Charges: Murder

Outcome: All Charges Completely Dismissed

Description: E.C. was asked to drive a friend to a specific location in Gwinnett County in the middle of the night for $5. Upon arriving, the friend engaged in a minor drug transaction that resulted in a dispute and the friend and another man getting shot.  At great risk to his own safety, E.C. returned to the scene and rushed his wounded friend to the hospital where he died. Police charge E.C. with MURDER as a "party to the crime". E.C. was facing life in prison. We were able to convince a magistrate judge to dismiss the charges and the District Attorney to not seek an indictment if E.C. remained available as a witness against the shooter.


Georgia v. J.A.J.

Charges: Aggravated Assault

Outcome: All Charges Completely Dismissed

Description: J.A.J. was accused of attacking her son's girlfriend and leaving her with 32 stitches in her head.  After a 3-day jury trial in Gwinnett County, the jury found Ms. J.A.J. not guilty.


Georgia v. W.C.J.

Charges: Murder

Outcome: Significantly Reduced Charges

Description: W.C.J. was accused in Fulton County of murdering his girlfriend's husband after a fight in Atlanta.  While he alleged that the victim and the victim's friend had a weapon, no weapon could be found. Eyewitnesses varied as to how many shots were fired, and the victim's wife (W.C.J.'s girlfriend) changed her story frequently.  After nearly two years of work and negotiation, W.C.J. pled to significantly reduced charges and will be eligible for parole soon.


Georgia v. F.G.O.

Charges: Kidnapping & Rape

Outcome: Significantly Reduced Charges

Description: F.G.O. came to the U.S. where he worked and saved enough money to bring his wife here.  Once she got here, she dumped F.G.O. and started dating another man.  F.G.O. was accused of following the couple, kidnapping his wife, and returning to their apartment and raping her.  Police arrived shortly thereafter. After a trial lasting several days, the jury found F.G.O. guilty of significantly reduced charges.  He will be eligible for parole and deportation soon.


Georgia v. D.A.D.

Charges: Child Pornography

Outcome: Completely Dismissed

Description: D.A.D. was on federal probation for child pornography when he was charged in Gwinnett County with having more child pornography again. D.A.D. faced the rest of his life in prison.  Believing they had a valid right to search, police neither sought a search warrant for his residence nor his computer.  Through thorough research, we discovered errors in the case that ultimately resulted in all charges against D.A.D. being dismissed.



Georgia v. J.M.J.

Charges: Aggravated Assault (x2), Aggravated Battery, Sexual Battery (x2), Family Violence Battery, Obstructing Emergency Telephone Calls

Outcome:  Completely Dismissed

Description:  J.M.J. was facing over sixty years in prison after being accused in Gwinnett County of attacking his housemate with a firearm, knocking her tooth out, threatening to kill her, and sexually assaulting her in his basement after she tried to call the police.  Once we freed J.M.J. on bond, we went to work investigating the "victim" and her claims.  We discovered that on a previous occasion, she had accused another man of very similar acts and had been arrested more than a dozen times.  Using this as leverage, we negotiated an outcome that resulted in the criminal charges against J.M.J. being completely dismissed. 

. . . And Many More

Charges: Anything

Outcome: Satisfied Clients

Description: These are just a few of the more than 60 jury trials and thousands of cases that Mr. Steakley has handled during his career as both a government prosecutor and now a defense attorney in private practice.  He practices primarily in Gwinnett County, Cobb County, Paulding County, Forsyth County, and Cherokee County, but will consider other nearby counties as well.  These are merely examples and should not be taken as a promise of a specfic outcome or result in your case, as all cases are unique. If you have a criminal issue and want an attorney with experience and proven results, give us a call.