Hands Bars BWWhen a loved one is arrested and accused of a crime, a local magistrate judge will likely set a bail amount for their release. This is a way for them to regain their freedom and go about their lives while their case is pending. This bail amount can usually be met using either cash, real estate, or through the use of a surety like a bail bonding company.


Some offenses are bailable only by a Superior Court.  Most other offenses can have bail set sooner by a Magistrate court.  A person charged with any offense which is bailable only before a judge of the Superior Court will have to petition the Superior Court for bail.  People on probation or parole or that aren't in this country legally will have a very difficult time getting bail from either a Magistrate or Superior Court.   

Instruct anyone you would like to testify on your behalf - such as parents, loved ones, friends or employers – to call me in advance and plan to appear on your behalf in court. 

Once bail is set, most people use a bonding company to post it.  The Sheriff of the county regulates the guidelines and rules for bonding arrested individuals.

Most jails will accept the following types of bonds:

  1. Cash. U.S. Currency, Money Orders, Travelers Checks or Certified Bank Checks. No Foreign Currency, Personal Checks or Credit Cards.
  2. Property. Real estate property only. No mobile homes or vehicles.
  3. Approved Bonding Companies.  

The selection of a bail bond company is important to the case. There are many licensed bail bond companies in Georgia, but John A. Steakley, P.C., has always maintained a close relationship with A-Action Bail Bonds, LLC, and their subsidiaries. They are one of the largest bonding companies in Georgia and serve every county in which we practice. They offer very reasonable rates.

Cobb County:  24/7 Easy Terms Bail Bonds, LLC., Tel: 770-436-2292

Dade County: Dade County Bail Bonds, Inc., Tel: 706-657-BOND (2663)

Dekalb County: A-Action Bail Bonds, LLC., Tel: 404-294-5568

Forsyth County: Bad Luck Bail Bonds of Forsyth, Inc., Tel: 770-888-2862

Gordon County: Hand Bail Bonds, Inc., Tel: 706-629-8106

Gwinnett County: A-Action Bail Bonds, LLC., Tel: 770-237-BAIL (2245)

Heard, Troup, & Merriwether Counties: Troup Bonding Company, Inc., Tel: 706-882-1461

Spalding County: Bail Express of Spalding, Inc., Tel: 770-227-2243

Walker County: 24/7 Bail Bonds, Inc., Tel: 706-639-1799