Do School Bus Cameras Work?

Do School Bus Cameras Work?

CBS asks whether the school bus violation cameras work.  

Read the article and judge for yourself.  But whether they "work" depends on what they are meant to accomplish.    If their purpose is to generate money for a private company and local government by scaring drivers and denying them due process, then the cameras are a huge success.  If their purpose is to make children safer, then there's not much evidence that they do.


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Gwinnett School Bus Camera Tickets Net $1.1 Million

School bus cameras: Sensible idea, but a money-grab | Editorial |

 Huge Increase in Bus Passings Spark Meetings in Cobb

Cobb Violations Increase by 31% After Installation of School Bus Cameras




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Popular Mechanics' "Top Ten Tips to Avoid Speeding Tickets"

Popular Mechanics' "Top Ten Tips to Avoid Speeding Tickets"

Popular Mechanics magazine has posted their "Top Ten Tips to Avoid Speeding Tickets."  Of course, my favorite is #4:

Keep quiet. Diamond says to present your license and registration and insurance card, and that's it. "You don't have to answer [anything] else—you have to say you're asserting your right to stay silent, or 'Please speak to my lawyer.' Do it in a polite way, nice and respectful. Antagonists get the most tickets. There are no warnings for a**holes." 

It's good reading and generally good advice.    Enjoy.

Top Ten Ways to Damage Your Criminal Case

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NC Court of Appeals Allows Arrest by HOA

I have previously noted the quasi-law-enforcement entities that are private homeowner association (HOA) security forces.  Now it seems the NC Appeals Court has weighed in on the issue, but on the side of the HOA: 

Rental cops hired by homeowners associations (HOA) can conduct traffic stops that would be unconstitutional if performed by an actual police officer, according to a ruling handed down last week by the North Carolina Court of Appeals. A three-judge panel took up the case of Frederick Lloyd Weaver Jr, who was stopped on April 20, 2012 by an armed security guard employed by Metro Special Police and Security Services. The HOA for the Carleton Place townhomes near the University of North Carolina at Wilmington contracted with Metro for security services.

North Carolina allows armed guards to wear police-like uniforms with badges, carry guns and drive cars with flashing red and white light bars. Qualifying for the security guard position requires four hours of classroom instruction and a day on the range.

Four hours in the classroom and a day at the range certainly doesn't compare to what a real police officer has to go through.

I stand by my earlier post that blurring the lines between who is and isn't endowed with state authority is a bad idea that will cause all sorts of problems.  Citizens need to know who is and isn't an officer, who does and doesn't have arrest powers, and who can and can't pull them over.  To blur those lines causes confusion and will encourage abuse. 

Hopefully, the NC Supreme Court will overrule this decision.


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Man Ticketed After Heart Attack

The New Jersey city of Spring Lake Heights takes their driving laws pretty seriously.  If you have a heart attack while driving and cause a minor traffic accident, the police will write you tickets: 

A little more than a week after the April 1 heart attack, which led to a minor traffic accident, Langley, a 20-year-old Wall, N.J., resident, received the tickets in the mail. When he went to the Spring Lake Heights Municipal Court to fight them, he and his family figured a doctor's note would help convince the local prosecutor or judge to dismiss the summonses.

Two tickets were dismissed, but a third was only downgraded.  Langley paid a fine after getting out of the hospital.

Article here.

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