Statistics Show that Criminals Target Each Other

Criminals target each other, trend shows.

Since the US murder rate is such a hot topic right now, let's remember that a vast majority of intentional homicides are between people who know each other and people who have criminal records. This is one of
the best reasons to avoid hanging out in the "wrong crowd" as we'll as avoiding BEing the "wrong crowd."

This is why I would often prefer to go to trial on a murder case than a DUI. With murders, there is almost always a history between the deceased and the accused. Often, but not always, they are mutually
engaged in some activity and having a dispute that they can't solve through the legal system. (One can't sue another for failing to pay for drugs, for example.)  Maybe the deceased initiated the conflict. Maybe the defendant acted in self-defense.

I often wonder how many fewer murders there would be from legalizing drugs. Buy/sell drugs on the courthouse steps. If there is a dispute over price or quantity, call the police. If it's not a police matter, file suit.

As always, if you find yourself on the wrong side of the criminal justice system, call us.


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