The Pink Pony Sues Brookhaven

The Pink Pony Sues Brookhaven

It hasn't taken one of Georgia's newest cities very long before they picked a fight with the Pink Pony strip club: 

As of January next year, any new or existing adult businesses cannot serve alcohol and have nude dancers. It's one or the other. But the Pink Pony is the only strip club in Brookhaven.

"We're the same as always. We have not stopped doing what we're doing," says longtime first amendment attorney Alan Begner. 

Begner filed a lawsuit on behalf of the Pink Pony against Brookhaven's new ordinances, which he says would drastically impact the club's estimated ten million dollars a year in earning.

Considering that the Pink Pony existed long before Brookhaven, my money is on Alan Begner and the Pony.  Besides, it would be ashamed if a storied institution like the Pink Pony was shut down just because the people who have been living near it for years or decades suddenly changed their mind.

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