Alpharetta Pol Beats DUI

An Alpharetta official has beaten a DUI, reports the AJC

An Alpharetta city councilman has been acquitted on charges he drove drunk with his son in his car.
Channel 2’s Mike Petchenik was the only reporter in the courtroom Friday when Judge Patsy Porter handed down her decision. 
She ruled the officer who arrested Michael Cross didn’t have probable cause because he didn’t witness Cross driving erratically and because he detained Cross first, then asked questions later.

But here is the important part: 

Martin said Cross refused to take a breath test or submit to a state-issued blood test, but that he believed Cross’ “manifestations” were consistent with someone driving under the influence.

The government does everything it can to convince you and me to take these tests, even threatening to suspend our driver's license when we don't.  But when a cop, or attorney, or politician get accused of DUI, they usually refuse the tests.  So should you.

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