Wireless Telephone Tapping

In many criminal cases the police use "tapped" cellular telephone data to help build their case.  Unfortunately, this can sometime be done even without a warrant. 

"[T]he Senate voted to grant blanket immunity to companies like AT&T, which conspired with the NSA to monitor American digital conversations without government oversight after 9/11. Today's vote continues that immunity, and provides further carte blanche for the American intelligence-gathering apparatus. Phone calls, texts, and emails are all fair game—and a judge doesn't have to give the OK, so long as it's in the name of counterterrorism. Which is a very easy guise.

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Compare this to the FBI's Carnivore program from the late 1990's. 

This firm has handled cases with as many as 14,000 recorded telephone calls and 25,000 pages of documents.  Where 50 years ago prosecutors tried to give the defense as little information as possible, now the tactic seems to be to flood the defense with as much information as possible.  The result is a much more expensive case for the defense who has to go through every shred of evidence. 


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