“Fir$t, We Need to Under$tand We Didn't Get Into Thi$ for Revenue”

Gwinnett County has a problem:  How do we spend all this money from the school bus cameras?

Gwinnett County's new school bus camera program is generating millions of dollars in revenue for the county and your elected officials get to dole it out as they see fit.  But they still insist “First, we need to understand we didn’t get into this for revenue.”

Of course not.  The millions in revenue are just a side benefit of making children safer by reducing the number of drivers who pass stopped school busses, right?

One small problem: 

"Seckinger said he’s aware that the numbers haven’t dropped dramatically, if at all, since the program began. And he’s heard the same message that Chief Operations Officer Danny Jardine told the Daily Post that “dozens” of motorists have received more than three citations. "

That's right.  While the program is generating millions of dollars, it isn't making children safer.  One would think that Gwinnett would opt out of the failed program, as they have the contractual right to do, but no one suggests that.  Why would the county continue a program that isn't working? 

 [Gwinnett Solicitor General Rosanna] Szabo projected 33,000 citations for 2016. 

Let's do some math:  33,000 x $300 = $9.9 million. 

Gwinnett has nine million reasons to keep this program going, regardless of whether it makes children any safer. 


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