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Attorney John Steakley is a 1996 graduate of the University of Tennessee College of Law. He began his career as the Special Prosecutor for Drug Crimes for a multi-county, multi-agency drug task force in Tennessee, where he represented the State of Tennessee in thousands of felony and misdemeanor cases in a 5-county judicial district.

Recordings Cut Both Ways

Recordings Cut Both Ways

It difficult to make an argument against recording police-citizen encounters.   As I've said before, no one has anything to fear from it if they aren't doing anything wrong.  And as I've written about, there may be a Constitutional right to do it anyway, even if the police object.

More and more police departments are jumping on the bandwagon.  Here is a good example of how recordings can save an honest officer from baseless claims


Albuquerque Police Department union president Stephanie Lopez said in a statement to KOB, “The desire to frame officers for wrongdoing is a growing issue facing officers every day. We believe that the public should be held accountable for filing false reports against police officers. These incidents can be very damaging to an officer’s career, so we hope that this individual and others face appropriate consequences for their malicious actions.”


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