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Ochocino Gets Thirty Days for a Butt Slap

Ochocino Gets Thirty Days for a Butt Slap

Former NFL start Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson accidentally earned himself 30 days of incarceration when he raised the ire of a Broward County judge by congratulating his attorney with a pat on the butt:

Johnson on Monday accepted a plea deal for violation of probation. The charge stemmed from his domestic battery conviction last year.

The plea deal he accepted extended his probation until Dec. 21.

"You better thank your lawyer. He did a great job for you," Broward Circuit Court Judge Kathleen McHugh told Johnson after he accepted the plea deal.

Johnson then slapped his attorney, Adam Swickle, on the butt. The courtroom erupted in laughter, but McHugh said she didn't think Johnson was taking his case seriously and rejected the plea deal.

The case was recalled, and after Johnson pleaded guilty to violation of probation, McHugh sentenced him. His probation was also extended to Dec. 21 and he must perform 25 hours of community service, two of the same terms included in the plea deal she rejected.

During his probation, Johnson must attend counseling twice a week.

Johnson apologized several times to McHugh, saying he didn't intend to disrespect her or the court.

Johnson worked in a sport where men routinely slap each other on the butt as a sign of congratulations.  Johnson's lawyer was a man.  He didn't seem offended.  Nevertheless, the judge was.  And that's all that matters.   

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