Cop Fired for Planting Dope Under Orders

Just because someone gets arrested for having drugs in their car doesn't mean they had drugs in their car. 

Police Street Crimes Unit investigator Tim White is out of a job for swiping grass from an evidence locker and planting it at a residence to beef up the grounds for a search warrant application. Even more interesting, he says he did so on orders from a supervisor.

 But of course, taxpayers desperately want to assume that all cops are good and honest rather than confront the possibility that they are paying the salaries of corrupt cops.  Taxpayers want to think the system they pay for works.  They want to think the cops they trust with the authority to do things that would be a crime for the rest of us to do will not abuse that power.

MOST cops are decent people.  SOME aren't.  Every orchard has bad apples.

NEVER consent to a search of your car.