A Texas traffic cop offers some pointers

I clocked a guy on a crotch-rocket bike doing 189 mph. Just let him go. Since police departments began to get sued for chasing speeders, around 1995, there's a fine line. You have to determine if you can catch him, if chasing him will cause an accident for him, for you, for the public. There's no way to catch anyone like that.

I rarely do much in traffic court.  The reason is that traffic fines are set just low enough that for most people it isn't financially feasible to hire an attorney.  To spend several hundred or over a thousand dollars to avoid or minimize a ticket costing a few hundred dollars would violate the Steakley Golden Rule that says "don't spend dollars to save dimes."

But if someone is charged with DUI, or if they have a CDL (commercial drivers license), or if they have so many "points" already that they are about to lose their license, then it IS worth it to hire an attorney to fight even a "minor" traffic offense.

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